The Divine Farmer (Shen Nong)

Human arrived at the first Agriculture Revolution about 10 thousand years ago. This change brought about an abundance of food and population increase. The dawn of farming started several population centers around the world. Gradually, the different crops are exchanged and transported around the world.

The Chinese legend is the "Divine Farmer" who changed society so profoundly that he was a king about 5000 years ago. The Divine Farmer taught people how to manage crops and achieve higher yields. He was also a "Divine Herbalist". His teachings on herbs promoted health and cured ailments. This body of knowledge was recorded in a classic book "Encyclopedia of Medicine Plants".

The transport of plants around the world is still going on today. Recent examples are kiwi fruit, mango, dragon fruit. Today people live in urban areas and use gardening for recreation. This website is a source for promoting urban and backyard gardens.

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-- by William Chow October 2007